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Who We Are


Atlantic Heating Company has 40 years of experience in the heating and plumbing industry. Since 1969, we have been providing the Portland area with quality heating and plumbing installation, service, and repair.

Atlantic Heating Company was started in 1969 by Stan Morrell. In the summer he would take his 12-year-old son Bill with him. By the time Bill was 18 he had his Journeyman's License and at 21 his Masters License. Over the years Bill and his crew have installed over one thousand heating systems and plumbed in hundreds of new home construction plumbing systems. Atlantic Heating Company specializes in servicing, repairing, cleaning, and installing high-efficiency heating systems. Our Motto, "We service, what we and others install" means that we can solve any problems that you may have.

At Atlantic Heating Company we understand that your heating and plumbing are more than a mere convenience. Anyone who has experienced a system failure knows how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be. During times of extreme temperatures such a failure can actually be a health threat and any business owner knows that a comfortable work environment is essential to the productivity of their business.

Let Atlantic Heating Company help you avoid unexpected and costly system failures with an annual maintenance and service. Through our regularly scheduled system of inspections and maintenance procedures we keep your system working efficiently and can diagnose minor problems before they become major ones.

We offer a variety of maintenance services designed to address your unique needs and our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. Call us today for an initial system check up and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Heating and Plumbing is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Over the years Atlantic Heating Company has established a reputation for quality work and dependability. We understand that minutes count when you're experiencing a heating and plumbing emergency, so we guarantee prompt, courteous service.

When you call Atlantic Heating Company we'll dispatch to you as soon as possible, one of our clean, well maintained service vehicles which are stocked with a wide variety of high quality heating and plumbing parts to ensure that our technicians will have the parts they need to get the job done right.

For all your Residential Heating and Plumbing needs, Atlantic Heating Company is only a phone call away - day or night.

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"I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am at how professional you and your team conquered the installation of the boiler today!  You and your team have my business from here on out."  -Greg

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